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Our rates reflect the amount of rubbish collected In most cases, this is based on VOLUME(how much of the truck's container is filled) but collections comprising of heavy loads (soil,builder's debris,tiles,concrete,etc.) will be charged by weight regardless of VOLUME.For junk removal collections containing a mix of general and heavy rubbish, a weight supplement may be added to reflect the additional disposal costs we have to pay.Discounts are available for account customers, very large jobs, and certain types of collections involving lower than normal labor or disposal costs.

To illustrate our trucks(16'x8'x6.5') are capable of hauling on average 25 yards of junk. We charge $465 per truckload which equates to about $18.60 per cubic yard or the MAGIC NUMBER you need for comparison 69 CENTS PER CUBIC FOOT.USE THIS NUMBER for COMPARISON and you will find useful to find REAL PRICING versus our competitors to see OUR VALUE.

Of course most people don't need a whole truck

therefore we price by the fraction of the truck your junk requires.

LOWER prices and HIGHER levels of service is what we provide. It's a NO BRAINER!

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1/8 TRUCK                                                 $90

1/4 TRUCK                                                 $135

3/8 TRUCK                                                 $185

1/2 TRUCK                                                 $235

5/8 TRUCK                                                 $285

3/4 TRUCK                                                 $335

7/8 TRUCK                                                 $385

FULL TRUCK                                              $465